On-the-go lives need on-the-go food. But time-starved schedules often mean you miss out on freshness, nutrition and hygiene… things that are getting increasingly important. This is where getfresh!! steps in. Taste. Hygiene. Convenience. Quality. getfresh!! chicken offers you all these rolled into one wholesome package.

It's quite simple, really.
For starters, we ensure that the chicken harvested from the farms, reaches us in a chilled condition. This means that the meat has stayed within a 'fresh' temperature range of -4 to 4 deg C, and thus retains its intrinsic taste and texture. Then, the bite-sized boneless meat morsels undergo a technically precise marination process (currently, we have a selection of 10 preservative-free marinades that are made on a daily basis). This spiced meat is then immediately vacuum-sealed to retain its freshness and eliminate contamination, so that what you finally eat is flavorsome and healthy. Throughout the marination process and subsequent storage, it is continuously kept in a temperature-controlled, sterile environment, so that the spices seep in through and through, and the meat does not receive thermal shocks and lose out on taste.

What happens after you order getfresh!! chicken? Well, if you are absolutely ravenous, you can pop it into a pan right away and follow the cooking instructions to get the most tender, flavorful chicken you've ever eaten. Or, if you can keep those hunger pangs in check for a while, you can create sandwiches, rolls or salad toppings with the meat. (Yes, it's great news for kids!) What's more, you can pan-fry, grill or, in some cases, microwave the meat… which means you decide how healthy it's going to be!

Chicken is quite the Santa Claus of nutrition! It is a great source of protein, minus the problems associated with red meat. It's also rich in potassium, calcium, phosphorus, selenium, zinc, iron, most B-vitamins, tryptophan and derivatives of vitamin A. Simply put, chicken will help in weight loss, prevent bone loss, promote good eyesight, aid metabolic processes and reduce depression (yes, really!).

In addition to its intrinsic taste (owing to the way it is harvested and stored), getfresh!! chicken derives its yumminess from a range of marinades that have been inspired by a variety of cuisines and carefully tailored to suit a variety of preferences. India's ever-popular tikka; West Bengal's mustard fish curry; Kerala's Syrian Christian spices; Goa's fiery fish stuffing; Thailand's curry paste… all these and more feature in our selection of offerings. The marinades are prepared, almost daily, using fresh ingredients in a hygienic production unit. Daily preparations mean there are almost no artificial preservatives used in the marinades, the thrust being on natural ones such as lime, salt, pepper, etc.

So getfresh!! chicken is tasty, free of preservatives, fresh and nutritious. But it's also something more… it's convenient! Think of our kitchen as an extension of yours, which works through the week, preparing fresh food products everyday.